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Fries by SeanRM Fries by SeanRM
Function: Saboteur
"Any who cross me shall BURN!"

FRIES, is the sadistic second in command of the Snackticons. His only loves are fire, and inflicting pain on others. His Inferno Bombs and flamethrowers allow him to have both.


Between Big Mac and this, I not only was introduced to some new Changeables - but the official names for them. For these pictures, I will go with my own names and "mythology". Keep in mind these are just for fun and are in no way official or related to Hasbro/Takara Tomy.

Also there are rosters for the two teams now, so I can play with the file-card info a bit more when doing these.
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MagiShine2005 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
Hey, you know what, I have an idea for a story to the series:

In the deep realms of space, there were a mysterious race of reptilian alien attackers (with a name too complicated for humans to pronounce or understand, so they call them "the Munchoids" because... that was the best they could think of...).  The Munchoids  invades planets and taking it over by stealling and eating foods with a special Substance known "Naku".  Naku is contained in fats & grease products, but unlike humans who gets health problems from eating it, the grease gives the Munchoids greater strength, power, and abilities to attack their world, which why their next target is Earth.  After hearing reports about the Munchoids eating tons of fast food from restaurants all across America (since it's the leading source for fast-food, and the Munchoids favorite place to eat is McDonalds, they go their most of the time to gain power, but all their extra power wears off after it's fully digested), a top secret organization builds robots that can transform from McDonalds food items (that are fake but looks really realistic) to fighting robots with realistic intelligence  in order to disguise themselves to attack the Munchoids with the element of surprise (Munchoids have a hard time telling things apart) & protect the planet.  then a young excited mischievous preteen boy, his cute and really smart 5 year old sister (who is smart enough to fix machines, but isn't potty trained, just for a little joke), and their beautiful and kind 15 year old girl cousin (has so much bad luck in her life) makes friends with these robots known as "The Changables", and even the Changables saw they were great helpers during one of their mission, so the Changables and their new friends to stop the Munchoids from eating all the world's food supply, and using it's power to take over the planet...

What do you think, would that be a good idea for a series?
Mrtrainfreak12 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Student Filmographer
you somehow made me hungry. Great work! ^^
Viper-X27 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
I think I used to have this one.
Igadevil Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
Pretty awesome! I didn't know about the official names. Shame they never made one of the Arch Deluxe.
DemoniconNemesis Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
YAY! A wonderfully displayed masterpiece from a bit of my past
celamowari Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
Fries are EVIL...and DELICIOUS!
WanderingKotka Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Oh man, he looks so wonderfully evil. :)
MrPyke Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
Looks like a GoBot.
spicemaster Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
Yessss, can't wait to see the McMuffin'
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April 25, 2012
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