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Heads Up 129 - Himon by SeanRM Heads Up 129 - Himon by SeanRM
The genius, the dreamer, and the most wanted criminal on Apokolips - Himon dares to teach people of a new way.

Himon is in many ways the counterpart to Metron. While Metron is cold and outside the conflict of the New Gods, seeking only knowledge - Himon immerses himself in teaching and helping others. His accomplishments are many; from creating the first Mother Box, to teaching Scott Free the art of escape and trickery, to being the one person on Apokolips beyond Darkseid's grasp. Like Highfather, Himon has had many outfits over the years, so I went with what made sense to me for a man who lives on the bottom rung of Apokolips. Filthy rags and tatters, but those are only a facade that hide his more colorful New God outfit.

I also gave him a combination of the New Genesis Sun and the Darkseid Omega - a symbol that I guess would stand for the whole of the Fourth World.

Disclaimer - These redesigns are for fun, and not part of any actual project.
Chwen-Hoou Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
I've never heard of this character before but it's nice to know someone is trying to overthrow Darkseid by teaching his people another way. =) Excellent job.
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April 10, 2014
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