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Heads Up 147 - Hordak by SeanRM Heads Up 147 - Hordak by SeanRM
What better way to follow yesterday's pic, than with Hordak?

I threw some robot-y bits onto him, as I was going off the original She-Ra cartoon version of him. I like the idea the original toys described him as being a sorcerer banished to another dimension where he became obsessed with science. I'd like to think his eventual return and clash with Skeletor would boil down to which has the most power, and Skeletor would probably win since he has stuck with his magic.

If I was gonna do a He-man/She-ra reboot, I would have this be Hordak's second design (after he is sent to Etheria and is partially rebuilt as a cyborg), and after his clash and defeat at the hands of Skeletor, he would take on a third final design where he is mostly machine.

Also, I choose to leave out Horde Prime. I never cared for that idea, of a rarely spoken of super-boss that our villains work for. I cannot really see Hordak or Skeletor being down to work for anyone. (This was one of my beefs with the TF Revenge of the Fallen movie - Megatron was a power-hungry and ruthless monster that sparked a war that devastated his world and led to an almost complete genocide of his people - and then we learn that a sleepy old man told him to do it... That lessens the villain for me.)
Chwen-Hoou Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
Awesome job on Hordak. Wicked cool.
jwb083 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
True Skeletor would back stab anyone 1st chance he gets and Hordak is little better torturing even his own men and he did go behind Horde Primes back while he was on vacation and lost Horde Primes flagship.
a1thebomb1 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
Oh so awesome, can't believe I only had to wait one day for this!
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