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August 9, 2012
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(r)C - Brainiac by SeanRM (r)C - Brainiac by SeanRM
This is my concept/design for the current :iconrogueart-jams: theme, "(re)Create: Brainiac".

As a massive gold ship appears in the skies over the Earth, a massive robot appears in Metropolis seeking out the last Kryptonian. As the fight ensues we learn that the robot is Brainiac, an alien super intelligence who gathers information on civilizations and destroys them in order to make his data absolute and infallible. He finds Superman's existence an error that threatens his catalogs' perfection.

After successfully destroying "Brainiac", Superman discovers that the robot was a single drone and that Brainiac is actually a massive computer in the core of his ship.


I ended up deciding to go ahead and post this without finishing the inks for the drone body, and I think it gets my idea across.

I went with a blue lights on gold for a color scheme, instead of the traditional green on silver, because I liked the idea of the golden ship in the sky casting an almost mythical and godlike image. In-fact, I could see a follow up story where a cult forms around Brainiac and his "holy arc".

This was fun to do, and I would have made more for alternate bodies and drones - but work takes priority over fun...
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He's a Brainiac, Brainiac on the dance floor! And he's dancin' like he's never danced befooooore!
This is awesome. And funnily enough, I get a really Protoss vibe from what you've done.
I like the direction you took this, building off some elements of the 1980s redesign (which was either from Perez or Ed Hannigan - I forget who did Brainy and who did Luthor's powersuit). More specifically, making the SHIP elements into part of Brainiac. It does give him a massive, idol-like feel.
Ooh, that is gorgeous. I love the idea of a cult-like following developing around this strange visitor from the sky. The color choices are very refined.
Cool design!
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