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Just so you don't think I am gone or anything silly.

I have some new art to share, including finished TF busts, and a recently colored pick I am quite fond of.

I also wanna recommend again that you follow me on my tumblr - - and twitter -

I post more frequently on those sites, so it is a good way to keep up with me and my goings on.

I also hope to be doing a new set of HU pics soon. I have the theme picked out, and I just need the time to draw them. (Gonna try and draw them ahead of time and then just post them on a daily basis.)
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I am currently in tail end of a crazy busy week where I haven't had much time to do anything other than this one gig. This ends on Sunday, so I will finish up and send out the TF busts that have been ordered starting after that.

I've gotten a couple folks asking about that, so I thought I would offer an update. Sorry for the wait, but this big gig allowed me to pay off my taxes and not get completely crushed so - it was a necessary delay.

I've also got plans going for the next round of HU pics, so not only will there be commissions but there will be those popping up in the near future.

Sorry again for the wait!
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So, my October went from busy, to exhausting in no time. I know alot of you are asking one of three questions;
  1. Where's the rest of the Monster-A-Day pics you promised us? You said you were gonna do at least one more week of them.
  2. Where's that backlog of art you teased us about?
  3. Where's my ______ ?
Well, before my answers, lemme tell you what happened to my last two weeks of October.

I set aside work to try and get caught up on my backlog. While I didn't get completely caught up, I did get alot done, so that is good. Sadly this all fell apart last week when my grandfather passed away. Not trying to use that as an excuse, but between the shock of finding out, and the resulting stuff that needed to be done, my sleep schedule as well as a few days just kinda went out the door. I only this last Sunday seemed to get my sleep back on track again.

So, here are the answers;

  1. I have/had plans for plenty more, but I am on the crux of getting alot of commissions and other stuff done, which is great since I wanna do a sale or two between now and Christmas to fill the coffers for present buying. So odds are MAD and HU will be on hold for a bit. I apologise for this, but I feel better putting it on hold than I do promising more and failing.
  2. It is coming, and it is getting bigger and bigger. I have a couple more things I wanna finish before I start posting art, but I will start releasing content soon, and you guys will hopefully dig it.
  3. If you are waiting on sketch cards, commissions, or anything like that - I am working on it. Just about everyone should be good as far as past sales go. Leaving some sketch cards, and the commissions left in states of WIP. I cannot promise a date for these, but I will email them to their owners as I finish them.
So, that is about it. I am not sure if I should do another SD sale, another TF Bust sale, or something else for any upcoming sale. (If you have a particular sale you want to see me do again, let me know - seriously your feedback helps.)

Otherwise I am tired, but getting work done. Sorry to those of you I haven't been to chatty with, I hope you are doing great.
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Just wanted to say that, since I am a big fan of this time of year.

I hope you guys have been enjoying the Monster-A-Day pics, even if I did miss almost a week's worth of em... I will be posting some new art soon, I've got a growing backlog going - as well as a special bundle of pics awaiting approval to post. As per the winning choice on that poll I opened up, I will start positing those a bit each day over a few weeks, so you guys get some art for a while.

I've been nuts busy for a while now, and will actually be taking the rest of October to try and get a big ol' jump on that backlog.

Sorry I have been so quiet lately, I feel particularly bad regarding some friends whose art I have been neglecting to look at and/or comment on - but as that backlog shrinks down, I will be a bit more talkative.

Also, the "special project" I mentioned wanting to do around my birthday is still on the to-do list, but it has to wait for my art-debts to be greatly diminished.

I also wanna say thank you to all of you guys that have stuck around through the art droughts, and continue to enjoy my art and favorite it, and especially comment on the pics. I know it is said often, but it is true, you guys are a big help with my continued art making. Nothing can take the edge off a shitty day like a really nice comment. Hearing that my doofy scribbles made you smile, makes my day.

And as always - be sure to check out my Tumblr and Twitter if you wanna check out a bit more from me (random thoughts and reblogs, and my Tumblr is always open to questions - I love answering them actually.)

Tumblr -
Twitter -
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Long time no... Anything really.

Sorry about that, and thanks a ton to not only all of you regulars who have stuck by me despite these periods of quiet, but to you newcomers that follow me and hope to see some new stuff. (Seriously, it is really cool to see a consistent flow of new watchers even when I haven't posted anything in a bit.)

So, good news is, there is new art on the way. I've got the remaining TF Busts, the bonus sketches from the SD Sale, more Spider-Foe redesigns, and just some doodles I have been doing in my mini-sketchpad I keep with me. There are also a couple of pro-gigs I am waiting to hear back on, as well as the commissions I have been chugging away on.

I hope you are all excited to see these pics as they hit!

Beyond that, I have a few plans I am looking to set in motion. Particularly one big job I have been looking to do for years. (I am gonna do a sort of crowd-funding for that. Not through Kickstarter or anything, but you will see, and hopefully dig it. It will let me do this big job I have dreamt of for years, and get you guys some sweet high-res and custom artwork!) Some of you already know what it is, and I hope the rest are as interested as the feedback I have gotten so far. Expect more info on that by September at the latest.

So yeah, that is about it. I hope you are all well, and sorry again about the quiet - a combination of being busy and tired... But after a couple of rough spots I can see the light at the end of the tunnel again! I will be dug out of this hole I put myself in, and then I can finally get you guys some comic pages made! (Hopefully my stories are worth the wait...)
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Good news everyone! I was able to pay the bill off, and everything has been taken care of. Major thanks to the folks that did order and to my friends that helped me cover the rest.

So with that taken care of, is the sale over? Not yet. See, I got a few folks telling me they were interested, but wouldn't be able to get their orders in time to help me with the bill. Now that he bill is taken care of, I am gonna leave the sale open for the next week. So if you still want a bust, go head and let me know via the instructions in the infographic - and I will happily draw your favorite TF characters! (The dire need is gone, but my poor wallet is still weeping.)


K, so, as most of you already saw, I am doing a bust sale of Transformers characters. This impromptu sale is to raise the money I need to pay off a rather scary bill that is looming over my noodle due next Monday. (Again, I have to add, I will not be out of a home or something really terrible - but I will have to pay a bunch of extra fees, penalties, and interest - so...)

For full sale details, and a neat doodle of Bumblebee to get my point across;

 Transformers Bust Super Sale by SeanRM

For this to work out perfectly I need to fill the following 20 spots, so I am gonna use this journal to not only keep track of the spots as they fill, but you will be able to check here as the pics are done to see them. (Hoping this will inspire folks to order busts of their own...)
  1. TBSS - Holo Whirl by SeanRM
  2. TBSS - Death's Head by SeanRM
  3. TBSS - Chromedome and Rewind by SeanRM
  4. Filled
  5. Filled
  6. Filled
  7. Filled
  8. Empty
  9. Empty
  10. Empty
  11. Empty
  12. Empty
  13. Empty
  14. Empty
  15. Empty
  16. Empty
  17. Empty
  18. Empty
  19. Empty
  20. Empty
Thanks for bearing with me, and please spread the word to your fellow Transformer fans. (This should be it until around November on the sale front, so I can get back to focusing on regular commissions again...)
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Just a heads up, I know I am late with my Spider-foes art. Good news/bad news time!

Bad news - I probably won't be able to start posting them until Monday.

Good news - I have sketched out designs for more than the intended four. As of this moment I have sketched out designs for eight villains, with two extra that might not get used. So you will be getting extra villains, as well as my original pocket sketchbook pages of design ideas.

- So, you may be wondering what happened... Long story short, my weekend work overflowed into my week, and I just didn't have time to do anything else. The good news is I am almost done with that, and will be back in full gear on commissions and such too.

Also, I have a rather large bill looming at the end of the month, so I will be announcing a sale later this week. (After I finish the last of the bonus sketches from the SD sale, sorry for the wait guys!) I think you guys will dig it, it is gonna be something I have been wanting to draw for a while and I think folks will be excited to get in on it. (I certainly hope so... If I can fill out all the slots I will open, then my bill worries are covered.)

Otherwise, I am gonna dive back into the pile of work and keep on getting my catching up done.
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So yeah - due to being a mix of busy and bed-ridden this week, I didn't get any more HU pics done this week - sorry folks! (I did rough out one featuring Jetpack Kitty socking a Rockman in the face, so expect that one to pop up finished soon!) But I am taking votes on the next theme -… - be sure to weigh in before Monday!

In other news, more art will be coming very soon, I have a few things in progress, and we will be seeing them as soon as I have them done. (Well shortly after they are done, the guys that paid for them get to see them first of course.) Sorry for the drought, but being ill the last week has made catching up a little harder than it should have been.

Still, today is going much better, and part of that is this awesomeness that I woke up to!

:iconkescha66: linked me this bit of awesome work based on my old Constructicons pic -…

It is a rare and amazing thing for me to see stuff based on my art and designs, so this really made my day, and I hope they don't mind me sharing it here. - But wow! That is really cool.
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Just a quickie to inform folks that I know I missed the last two HU pics. I had a crazy busy last couple of nights, and my sleep got thrown off - so I decided to just start back up on Monday.

I am also still taking keywords if you haven't (and only two have) suggested any yet. Head over to this journal -  Heads Up Returns Tomorrow! And you can help!So, tomorrow we get the return of HU finally, and we are starting off with the three Kinnikuman pics I had left to finish from last time. After that, I am still thinking on a good theme to do next, so in the meantime I am bringing back the "keyword challenge" - which some of you may remember from the last time I did it.
You guys in the comments below will list up to three suggestions made of two keywords - like "hamster knight" or such - and I will pick from them to draw some pics. If I use your suggestions, you will be credited in that pic's Artist Comments.
The only rules are no more than three suggestions per person, otherwise any two word combos you can think of are fair game!
If you weren't here for the last time I did this, you can check out these three examples here:
I look forward to seeing what creative keywords you guys have for me, and what I can make from them. (Should be fun for everyone!)
 - and follow the rules and leave your keyword ideas. I don't know if I will do them for the whole week, but it helps having these to fall back on if I have no other ideas for the HUs to come.
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So, tomorrow we get the return of HU finally, and we are starting off with the three Kinnikuman pics I had left to finish from last time. After that, I am still thinking on a good theme to do next, so in the meantime I am bringing back the "keyword challenge" - which some of you may remember from the last time I did it.

You guys in the comments below will list up to three suggestions made of two keywords - like "hamster knight" or such - and I will pick from them to draw some pics. If I use your suggestions, you will be credited in that pic's Artist Comments.

The only rules are no more than three suggestions per person, otherwise any two word combos you can think of are fair game!

If you weren't here for the last time I did this, you can check out these three examples here:

HU 77 - Omni Dill by SeanRM  HU 78 - RoboKit by SeanRM HU 79 - Phantom Wiener by SeanRM

I look forward to seeing what creative keywords you guys have for me, and what I can make from them. (Should be fun for everyone!)

Also hoping to finish some other work soon, and be posting all of that up here before too long.
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Seriously, rotten fruit and small pitch-able stones at the ready...

Heads Up will be delayed a week.

The long and short of it is this; between having my Mom and Grandmother down to visit, working on commissions and catch up, doing some extra work to help pay off my taxes, and trying my damndest to finish this pro gig before its deadline... I have the remaining three Kinnikuman pics planned out (and partially drawn) but I just wasn't able to get them done along side everything else.

I know it is a shitty excuse, and I promised you guys more art... I am really sorry, and I hope you will be back in a week or so, when I will post the rest of these pics and start on a new week theme.

Anyway, I gotta get back to work, so go ahead and start chucking your rage at me....

Certainly no art... Ugh, I am terrible.

So, I thought it more than overdue to check in with you fine folks, and give you an update. Long story short, I have been busy as hell the last few weeks, and only now am I having any breathing room. I am back to work on commissions and other owed works, so I should have new art to post on here soon.

I also have a sale idea I want to try, but having learned a small mountain of lessons from the Halloween SD debacle, I am gonna make sure I am more prepared before I open this sale up. Keep your peepers peeled for that announcement in a week or so.

Lastly, Heads Up will finally be back as of next Monday, May 4, with a continuation of the MUSCLE/Kinnikuman theme. After that, I am not sure what theme to do, I had a few in mind, but I dunno which to shoot, for - not gonna put it up for a vote though, you will just have to wait and see what I pull outta my hat.

And with that, I guess I am outta things to say. If you missed me, I do appreciate it, and I recommend checking out my Tumblr and Twitter pages - I don't post on them a ton, but you will get some fun tidbits, reblog/retweets, and maybe a few bits of art that I won't be posting on here (doodles and other dumb stuff mostly).

Also I have an "Ask Box" on my Tumblr so you can ask me pretty much anything on there and I will answer it. I mean, I will do that on here, but there it is a nice little built in function so...

Sorry again about the absence, I will do my damnedest to get some fun new art up here before the end of this week.
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So, as you noticed, of the five pics I promised in the MUSCLE Week theme, I only did one. Well, the theme isn't done, just postponed. Got really busy this last week and wasn't able to finish the pics I had in mind, and as this new week starts - I realize I should focus a bit more on the commissions I owe until I am a bit more caught up. So there will be new HU pics, and more Kinnikuman themed ones to boot - but I want to take the next couple weeks to get more caught up on my owed works.

Apologies to all of you disappointed by this, I feel terrible dropping the ball like this.

Still keep your eyes peeled for new art as soon I have it ready to post. There are some stream pics I held onto for colors and tweaks, as well as the sketches for the folks who went in on the October SD sale - all coming as soon as I can pop them up.
The spots are filled, the stream is prepped, and for the next three nights I will be drawing live art for your enjoyment.

The streams start each night at 6pm USEST, and go until either the pics are done, or I have to pass out. (So pretty late usually.)

You can find my channel on picarto here.

If you like my art and want to be alerted to all future streams, follow me on there and any odd stream I do will get you an email saying I am on. (Never miss even the most random stream this way!)

Content wise there will be a little nudity in a few of the pics, but otherwise it is all clear.

That's it for now, I hope to see you guys there!
First let me say two things, cause I know some folks are gonna see that headline and think "Hey! What gives? I am still waiting on my ____ from this yobo!" I am working on SDs right now. As soon as they are done I will be doing the sketches you guys got as a bonus for ordering them. I hope to have them all done and in your hands before these streams start on Friday. I am opening them up now because I have learned from past experience that pre-selling streams makes things alot easier for everyone rather than trying to sell spots live the day of. Commissions will be worked on more after the SDs are done, because they take more time and work to get done.  I had hoped to get more done before making this announcement, but my computer dying on me last weekend kinda shot my progress right in the ass.

So, with that outta the way, this upcoming weekend, spend Valentine's Day with me watching art happen! I am opening up spots for three nights of live drawing, and you get to call the shots on what!

Friday 13, Saturday 14, and Sunday 15 I will be starting at 6pm and going as late as I need to get these drawn. Each night will have 6 spots open, except Sunday will have 5, and once they fill up the nights will be closed. 

The available options are; 
  • Single Character BW - $15
  • Two Characters BW - $25 - (Doubles take two spots, so please keep that in mind when ordering.)
  • Single Character Color* - $25
  • Two Characters Color* - $45
  • +$5 Complication Fee - Should the picture you are ordering include a bunch of heavy details that would eat up time, or you want something like a bit of set dressing or such included.
  • +$5 per Alternate - If you want a version of your pic with the character in a different costume or with a different expression or whatever.
  • * - Colors will be done offline at a later point, and not during this weekend's stream.
I'm in a bit of a monster and super-villain mood, but I won't say you have to order those - the only restrictions on your orders are;
  • Must fit under the DA rules. Nudity is okay, but keep it more Playboy than Penthouse - If you aren't sure if your idea will fly, ask me and I will let you know.
  • You must specify details you want in the pic ahead of time. This include character and pose reference. If you want a pic of Wolverine, but don't tell me what costume you want, I will pick one myself. Please don't give me the bare minimum of info then unleash a torrent of specifics live.
  • These will most likely not have backgrounds, so please do not request a detailed scene. If you have some "set dressing" you want added to the scene - a wall for Spider Man to be sitting on, or a counter and a beer for Howard the Duck to be sitting at - that is fine, just know it will get the Comp Fee added to your order.
To make your order, tonight at 9pm USEST spots will open and you can email me at with the subject header "February Steam" and the following information;

  1. Username(s) - This is so I know what to credit you as when I post your pic, and what username to look for on the chat during the stream to be sure you are there.

  2. Day Preference - Which of the three days is best for you. If you are able to show up on all three days, answer this one as "Any".

  3. Order - Here is the important part, Here is where you tell me exactly what you want. Be as detailed as you feel you need to be. If you just want a picture of your OC and do not care beyond that, just say that. If you have a specific pose, and other details that you want to make sure I cover - tell me so. Do not add details later, tell me right here what you want. If ordering multiple pics, be sure to break up this section into separate paragraphs for each pic. Don't give me one huge paragraph for three pics. If you are ordering more than one pic, be sure to mark them in order of preference/importance - in case there isn't room for your full order, this tells me which ones you definitely want done if possible.

    This must be filled in, any orders received with "Still thinking" or "just claiming a spot if any are left" will be ignored. I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but it is a problem for me to get placeholder emails, and it hardly seems fair to the folks that do know what they want. 

  4. Color - You can change your mind on this, but if you know ahead of time that you want it colored, tell me so. If you change your mind after it is drawn, you can contact me after the stream to have it colored then.
Please wait until 9pm or after to send your orders in. I do this to try and make it fair so folks will have time to see this and think about what they want. I have had streams fill up in a matter of minutes, so this is the best way to make it fair that I can think of.

Once I have received your orders, I will contact you back with either a total for your pic(s) or an apology that you didn't make it in for this stream. You then have until the night before your stream to pay me for your spots. (The sooner you pay the better, as your spots are not locked in until payment is in hand.) Any spots not paid by the night before at 8pm USEST will be voided out.

And as always - be sure to show up for your picture to be drawn. If you do not show up on any of the three nights (or do not contact me ahead of time to let me know what is up, if you can't make it do to emergency - let me know and we can work something out.) your payment will be refunded and your spot will be voided. You will also be added to a list with a strike against you. Three strikes and you will no longer be eligible for stream commissions.

Last thing of note, if you can stick around into the later hours of the night/morning let me know. These streams tend to go a bit late, so folks that can stick around for the entire thing are really helpful so I am not freaking out trying to get everyone taken care of before it gets too late and folks start passing out.
I tore out the bad drive and installed a new one, and am working to get my programs back on here so I can get back to work. I will see about getting most of (if not all of) the remaining SD pics done in the next few days, and keep your peepers peeled on Sunday for a big announcement! (Most of you know what it is already...)

Just a heads up, this past Saturday while working, my computer alerted me that my Hard Drive is dying, and since then things have gotten worse and worse.

The good news is, I have backed up all the work files, and am working on getting everything back to normal - but in the meantime I am slowed down dramatically on digital work. (Which is most of my work...)

As soon as I have things fixed I will let you guys know, and return to cranking out the stuff I owe in a rapid succession.

Sorry again for the wait!
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Hope everyone is having a great new year so far. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things after a hellaciously busy December.

Still, I know alot of you are eagerly awaiting your commissions, so I thought I would lay out my to-do list - so you can understand what I'm currently working on. I am not just twiddling my thumbs and watching anime - I am doing my best to get you guys taken care of.
  • 10 SD Commissions (Along with a few monster sketches.)
  • 1 Commission/Gift for :iconwanderingkotka:
  • 2 Commissions for Anonymous
  • 2 Official Sketch Card Sets
  • 1 Gift for :iconnudetaylor:
  • 3 Personal Sketch Cards for :iconcelamowari: and :iconnickyflamingo:
I should also add that you guys have been amazing. Seriously, I am eternally grateful that you not only support me and enjoy my work enough to pay for art, but that you guys have stuck with me patiently through these dry spells. I am very lucky to have fans like you, and I hope I can continue to entertain with my art as the new year charges forward.

Thanks again!
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Lemme start off by saying that November was a good month. It really was. However, as you guys can tell from watching me, things did not get cranking at quite the speed I was hoping. The Heads Up got derailed by me being busier than sin, but those will return soon. (If not later this month, then I promise in January you will get the last week of Video Game Nostalgia before we start on the next theme.) I have been working on the SD pics, but am gonna hold up to post those in a batch as soon as I have more done. (I feel bad posting the few finished ones while the other folks are waiting for theirs.) The monster sketches will go up along side those. And as you can guess, the commissions and other stuff are making slow progress. (The couple of you waiting on Sketch Cards from me, expect updates very soon!)

I have been very busy with work, but I am starting to get stuff that I can share with you guys, and soon I will get caught up and can start cranking out new art on a much more regular basis. (I am still working on a comic, so don't think I have abandoned that.)

Onto less business-y news, check out this awesome gift I got from the always wonderful :iconwanderingkotka:

Seriously, how awesome is that!? It made my day when I woke up and found it waiting for me. (Poor Lumi, her and the rest of the gang are so neglected... I suck!)

Which reminds me - I was tagged by :iconcelamowari:, so here is my Christmas wishlist, in case anyone wants to do a little something for me. (No worries if you don't, just have a very Happy Holiday and we'll call us squaresies.)

The Letter

Dear Santa,

Honor and glory to the All-Father of Christmas, having awoken from your energy-collecting Klausschlaf ready to dole out rewards for the righteous and worthy. May your sleigh be swift, and your vigilant sight never grow dim.

If my deeds have earned me worthy of reward, I would request;

Characters I'd Love to See Drawn

Any of my original characters, particularly those of the Hilly and Liz gang.
Heads Up 114 - Spirit of Easter by SeanRM  HU 82 - Lumi by SeanRM  HU 83 - Bernadette by SeanRM  Heads Up 115 - Ethan Steinmann by SeanRM

The android annihilator and baddest bot in black, Hakaider!
Hakaider by KrisSmithDW <da:thumb id="342777914"/>  Heads Up 148 - SD Hakaider by SeanRM

The city that walks, the titanic Fortress Maximus.
<da:thumb id="404419255"/>  TF:Ignition-esque Fortress Maximus by KrisSmithDW 

Something sexy of that sleuthy smarty Velma Dinkley. I like to imagine her being chubby, but have fun with it! (I only have one example that was made for me, the rest are just great examples of sexy Velma art.)
<da:thumb id="453682573"/> <da:thumb id="295504337"/> 

Mature Content

Miss Dinkley by kawaiidebu

I am terrible at tagging folks, so if you haven't done this, but want to - consider yourself tagged! If you are in a gift giving mood, please check out these folk's letters for what they would like to get;

<da:thumb id="495412732"/>  Dear Santa...INTRO:
Tagged by both :iconNickyflamingo: & :iconWanderingKotka:, two delightful ladies who are always up to no good in the best possible ways.
Dear Santa,
It's been awhile, no?  Hoping your Martian problem is less in 2014.  It's been suggested I write to you again this year, and maybe - just maybe - there will be a gift or two under the tree.  What I really want is for everyone to be happy, so perhaps this will help make that happen.
Thing is, this hasn't been the best of years for me.  One present I'd like to ask for is a turnaround in my recent fortunes in the very near future.  I hope that's not too presumptious of me.  I know it's out of the hands of the folks who will be reading this with you.
Characters I'd Love to See Drawn:
As K mentioned in her letter, I appreciate all gift art, especially of my OCs.  If you feel the urge, don't let a name not being on this list dissuad
  Dear Santa...LE GASP! I was tagged by the amazing :iconoOsolareclipseOo:
The idea is to list out what you would adore for Christmas/the Holidays! I played with it a bit...

Dear Santa,
Nicky has been a moderately good girl this year. She hopes you are well and sends her love to Krampus as well.
So have her Senshi!

Eternal Sailor Sun: 

My adopted Variable, Sailor V450 "Ruby"

The Brother-Sister team of Lucifer and Pravuil
(she's about 7 in appearance)

Sailor Gamma Leonis, maybe with her lover Sailor War?
First EC Batch: Sailor War and Sailor Gamma Leonis by PhiAngelSweet love sexy yuri by JamilSC11
Or Sailor Dorado!
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So, October kinda sucked overall for me. I was stressed out by work, money troubles, and my Dad ended up in the Hospital for a bit. (He is doing good btw, but it was still a stressful week for all of us.) I can say happily that a few days in, November is going much better.

(The above is not an excuse, mind you, just saying that it was not a good month.)

So let's get things laid out for this month to go smoothly. Firstly;

Heads Up - Nostalgic Gaming November

The HU pics are back! Weekday only, but I think you guys will dig getting new art on a regular basis after getting so little art for a while there. You voted on the theme of the month, and all the pics will be based on video games I've played and really enjoyed. (Sorry to say that this means alot of games you may like will not get a pic, but please don't comment asking for games you think I missed. The titles I choose have some meaning to me.)

I hope to continue season 4 into December, and beyond that, but I am not making any promises. Not sure if I will do another theme month, or go back to theme weeks, or just drop the themes altogether. (Feel free to let me know what you guys think in that regard.)

SD Sale Pics

I am working on these, and you should start seeing them pop up soon. (I had meant to have them going alot sooner, but see the initial paragraph about how October decided to be terrible.)

Commissions, Trades, Gifts, and Other Owed Work

These will be getting done now as fast as I can get them done. So if you are waiting on a pic from me, I will be getting back to you soon. Thanks for being patient with me, and sorry it took so long.


Sorry to post another "update" journal, I know these can be annoying for you guys. Figured it would be best to touch base though, rather than let that post for the closed sale linger.
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Well, as many of you have noticed, after the initial post - I haven't posted any new SDs yet. I wish I could say that they have all been kept private by the owners, but the truth is I have been knocked behind schedule tremendously.

Long story short, my Dad had to go to the Hospital for a few days (he is home now and feeling fine) - so the last few days (almost a week straight now) have been really stressful, busy, and I have not gotten alot of sleep. Things are finally back to normal, so I can hopefully get caught up soon.

I know this isn't an excuse for falling behind, but it's the truth. I will be doing my best to get caught back up in the next week or so, and will be sharing the finished pieces as soon as their owners give me the okay. So, as the sale winds down to it's last week before closing, I hope more of you will jump on this deal. This will likely be the last SD sale until December (if not later).

Again, not trying to offer an excuse, but explain what is up on my end. Either way, I hope you guys will enjoy these as I post them, and have a fun and safe Halloween.


I had intended to open these up earlier, but I had some stuff that needed to get done before I did. So without further ado - time to get in on two Spooktacular Sales!

What makes these sales better than the normal content I offer? Well, since it is October, I am offering a free monster sketches with all orders that reach the requirements! You guys will find the details on how to get your sketches in the info below for the two sales - but I am gonna elaborate on the sketches here;

You will get a sketch of the creature of your choice - being a sketch expect something like these -  Heads Up 139 - Cursed Ronin by SeanRM Flyman, the King of Sadness by SeanRM- and not a fully rendered image. Still, I can promise you will get something neat - and it's free!

Content wise you can ask for any monster - but it has to be a monster. (This means you can ask for Vampirella who is a vampire, or you can ask for the Xenomorph, but you cannot ask for Samus turned into a Metroid. The creature has to have always been a creature. These are meant to be fun and easy for me, so try not to throw me clever curveballs - you guys know what I mean by this. Any and all monsters are game, so that should be more than enough to pick from.)

Sale 1 - SD Super Sale!

That's right it is time for the October SD sale! As before these are $15 each, and you can see past examples of my SD work here -… You guys will get 1 monster sketch for every two SDs you order. (So if you want you can get all five of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos, and get three monster sketches as your bonus!)

To order, send me the reference and details for your orders at with the subject matter "Ween SD Sale".

There are no spot limits on this one, and the timelines are reinstated. (I will be doing at least one SD pic each night starting next Wednesday, so the sooner you get your orders in, the sooner you get your pics.)

Sale 2 - Marvel Artist Proofs Stocking Stuffer Sale!

For anyone interested in getting your hands on one or more of my official hand-drawn Marvel Comics sketch cards, this is a great time to do them. If ordered now, I will do everything I can to get them finished and in the mail to you by Christmas. (I will still have to wait for approval from the higher ups, but I will do what I can.) So whether for yourself, or for that special comic fan in your life - now is a great time to go for it.

The cards are $75 each (the Double sized card is $130) but that includes Shipping and Handling.

You will get 2 Monster Sketch for each card ordered.

The only major note for this is that I am not allowed to do the Fantastic Four or such associated characters. The rest of the Marvel Comic Universe is fair game though. (Just had to say this upfront, so you don't ask for a Thing or Galactus only to be turned down.)

To order, send me the reference and details for your orders at with the subject matter "Ween Marvel Card Sale".


So yeah, those are the two sales I am offering, and they will be going on until the end of the month. (The sales close at the stroke of Midnight on October 31st! As Halloween starts, I close up shop.) Every order helps, and I hope you will enjoy not only your main ordered pics, but the bonus sketches.

With that, I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I will see you guys soon with more new artwork!

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