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I was gonna wait a few days to post this, but I figured no time like the present to update folks on how things are going on my end. 

I'm still working on catching up on things I owe, but sadly I haven't been as fast as I had hoped. Still, things will hopefully be done in the next month so I can move forward with my clean slate.

Heads Up

Starting on Wednesday, I will be posting pictures every weekday (M-F) again. The first few will be themed Public Domain Hero Week II, and feature five redesigns of characters from the public domain. I had alot of fun the first time around, and this looks to be a very nice batch of characters. If you missed the first PDHW, you can find the pictures with commentary here -

After that first week is done, there are a few art experiments I want to try out. Then I will probably do a couple of themes that require some participation from you guys, but there will be an announcement for those when I get to them.

Commissions/Busts/Sketch Cards

Like I said at the start of this, I am working on it. I hope to have the remaining commissions listed below finished before January is done, and the last few busts wrapped up before then. As for the sketch cards some of you ordered during my Black Friday sale, I will be starting those as soon as I have the current load of official sketch cards done and in the mail to my bosses.


In case you missed it, I posted a teaser for my webcomic.
Coming in 2014 by SeanRM
As soon as I have my debts paid off, I will be dedicating at least one day each week to work on only my comic. As soon as I have content to share, and the site set up, I will post a new "trailer" and link to the comic. I am very eager to get this puppy going, as it has been a long time coming.

Embargo Lifted?

Yep, as of right now, the Embargo I placed on my doing fanart is lifted. However, I will still try to refrain from doing fanart in favor of my own characters and original concepts. Why lift it then? Because I have a few groups I am a member of that I wish to be able to participate in, as well as just wanting to be able to draw some pics of stuff I like. Still, the point I tried to make to myself has gotten across, and I am gonna try and do more art of new and original stuff rather than just a ton of fanart in the following weeks.

Twitter & Tumblr

One last thing for all of you newer followers, and anyone else that might be interested. I sometimes post amusing things or links on my twitter and tumblr, as well as having a donation button if you feel inclined to send some spare cash my way. I have tried a couple of ideas on content to post on my Tumblr to make it more interesting than just repeating the art I already post here, but honestly it is mostly just reblogs and such... Still, if you are interested you can find me here - - and -

You can also send me questions on the Tumblr. Well, I guess you can send me questions on here or Twitter too, but Tumblr has a really nice QnA interface.


Kiriban coming up at 100,000 views - snag the screengrab get a free color pinup of any character you want! (No background.)

To-Do List
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Status Key
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Bullet; Red - In Progress
Bullet; Green - Done
LESimmons Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
Looks like Roland Deschain got ahold of the Crimson King and skinned him for that suit.
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December 29, 2013