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Okay, so - with things shifting about the way they are, I realized I owed you guys an update on a few things.

  • Sketch Cards - I owe two of you sketch cards, but you will have to wait just a bit longer - as my last journal mentioned, I am without line pens at the moment. I am looking into replacements, but until I have them in hand I cannot fulfill my obligations just yet.
  • Busts - I really got myself into a pickle with that sale... Still, I have been chugging along and doing what I could to catch up on these. I am hoping to get more done in the next two weeks (and with luck get them all done!)
  • Commissions - The two spots that are open can be filled at any time - so if you wanna commission me for something go ahead and note me. The two that are filled will be started on as soon as I finish the last bit of my left-overs from before. (Expect emails from me soon, I am literally working on the last couple pics I need to do before I can start on yours right now!)
  • Sale - Next Monday I will be posting a sale, which if it does well will become a fairly regular feature. As part of the incentive, the sale items will have a fixed deadline! This means that if you buy one of these cheap and fun pics, you will get it before too long. This will not make the above folks wait any longer, and the sales from these pics will help me out. Keep your eyes peeled Monday for full details.
  • Comic - As you may recall, I had hoped to get my comic started this month - sadly some personal issues have delayed that goal, but it is not the end of my webcomic! I will be working on pages as soon as I can, and once I am ready I will go live with both the comic site and a Patreon account. (The comic will be free to read, the Patreon will only be there if you want to support me.)
That's pretty much it for now. If I failed to mention anything, let me know in the comments and I will rectify my mistakes.

Thanks as always for all the favorites, comments, and new watchers joining in. I am happy that you guys enjoy my work, and will continue to deliver new artwork for you to enjoy.
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Ooooo I can't wait to see how the sale will work :D
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July 2, 2014